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Why Not Set Temperature Uniformity Parameter For Electrothermal Vacuum Boring Box
- Mar 20, 2018 -

General Electric (blast) dry box are equipped with temperature uniformity parameters: natural Convection-type dry box for working temperature upper limit by 3%, forced convection-type dry box for working temperature upper limit by 2.5%. Only the electric vacuum drying box does not set temperature uniformity parameters, this is why?

The possibility that the temperature of the chamber can reach even is almost gone without the movement of the gas molecule in the vacuum boring box.

Therefore, from the concept we can not be the General Electric (blast) dry box rules of the temperature uniformity of the definition of the vacuum boring box.

There is no point in having this goal under the vacuum. The amount of heat radiation is inversely proportional to the square of the interval. For the same object, the heating wall 20cm at the interval heats up only 1/4 of the heating wall at 10cm. The difference is great. This kind of scene with the winter sun, the sun's side is very warm, the sun's side is very cold is a reason. Because the vacuum boring box in the structure of the three-dimensional space of the studio (spherical surface) of the radiant heat of uniform common, together with the lack of authoritative evaluation method, this may be the electric vacuum boring box specifications do not set temperature uniformity parameters of the factors.