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Why Is It Necessary To Draw Vacuum And Then Heat Up Heating In Electric Vacuum Dryer
- Mar 20, 2018 -

1 The workpiece into the vacuum box to draw a vacuum is to extract the workpiece can be extracted from the gas components. If you heat the workpiece first, the gas will swell up when it heats up. Because the sealing of the vacuum box is very good, the infinite pressure of the swelling gas may cause the observation window tempered glass to burst. This is a potential danger. This danger can be prevented by the operation of the first vacuum heating procedure.

2 The assumption of heating and then vacuum by the program operation, heating air by the vacuum pump out of the time, heat will be taken to the vacuum pump, and then cause the vacuum pump temperature rise too high, there may be a reduction in the power of the vacuum pump.

3 after heating the gas is directed to the vacuum pressure gauge, the vacuum pressure gauge will attack temperature rise. Assuming that the temperature rise exceeds the vacuum pressure gauge's rule of using the thermal plan, it may cause the vacuum pressure gauge to attack the value of the fault.

The precise method of application should be to draw a vacuum and then heating. If the vacuum is found to be reduced when the extra temperature is reached, add it appropriately. It is advantageous to do so about extending the use of the equipment.