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Operation Procedure Of Vacuum Drying Box
- Mar 20, 2018 -

1. Dry treatment of the items into a vacuum drying box, the box door closed, and closed the valve, open the vacuum valve, and then open the vacuum pump power to start pumping, so that the box to reach the vacuum -0.1mpa, closed vacuum valve, and then closed the vacuum pump power switch.

2. Temperature setting:

Connect the vacuum drying box power supply, the temperature controller display screen appears at that time measurement temperature value, the next row of temperature setting value.

Click the "Set" key to enter the temperature setting, the row appears "SV", the next row of Single-digit shining, after the reduction key, add the key to change the temperature set.

Then click the "Set" button to enter the time set status key. "" "STV", the next row of digital shine, after reducing the key, add the key to change the timing of time set value.

Set up, click the "Set" button, the thermostat rehabilitation monitoring and control show the situation, the parameters are stored, appearance into the work situation.

3. When the temperature of the box is close to the setting temperature, the heating indicator light is on, and the temperature controller enters the constant temperature condition.

4. After the boring, should first close the power supply, rotary valve release, remove the vacuum in the box, wait a moment, and then open the box door to remove items.