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Hot Air Circulation Oven
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Hot air circulation oven through repeated upgrading has reached the advanced level at home and abroad. CT series of hot air circulation oven for the first generation of goods, uniform thermal efficiency up to 30% at the mercy of the selection of centrifugal fans, box outside the circulation, hand-control temperature method. After repeated transformation, the formation of the CT-C series of hot air circulation oven, the series of hot air circulation oven All selected axial fan, with the active thermostat control system, and equipped with computer control system for selection. Thermal efficiency up to 70%, CT-C series of hot air circulation oven is the use of steam or electricity as heat source, with axial flow fan on the heat exchanger convection and heat transfer method of heating the air, the thermal airflow through the baking tray and materials for heat transmission. Fresh air from the inlet to make up, waste hot and humid air discharged from the vent, and constantly make up for fresh air and constantly expel hot and humid air, so as to adhere to the appropriate relative humidity in the oven. The most characteristic of this series of ovens is that some hot air circulates in the box, the whole circulation process is closed, then the heat transfer is enhanced, and the power is saved.