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Does The Thermometer Reading In The Vacuum Box Represent The Practical Temperature Of The Vacuum Chamber Space
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Generally, we see the glass bar thermometer reflecting the readings, which can be said to be the ambient air temperature under the condition. So, in a vacuum, we see readings in a glass bar thermometer placed in a vacuum chamber, does that mean that the temperature is the temperature in the vacuum chamber? This is not possible. Because of the vacuum condition, there is no air, there is no air temperature in the vacuum chamber. The glass-stick thermometer only feels the temperature that occurs because of the absorption of thermal radiation. The amount of heat radiation absorbed is closely related to the roughness of the material appearance of the glass rod thermometer and the absorption, refraction and transmission ability of the material to the infrared radiation. The darker the object is, the closer it is to 1, the more radiant heat it absorbs, and the higher the temperature of the object. The opposite is low. At this point, the reading of the glass bar thermometer can only represent the temperature of the glass bar thermometer itself absorbing the infrared radiation heat, and can never represent the temperature of the thermal radiation after the workpiece is absorbed by the different raw materials.

Therefore, users in the use of electric vacuum drying box (vacuum) heating, can refer to the vacuum chamber glass Bar thermometer readings and as far as possible heap and summary operation experience to achieve the best results.