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Application Characteristics Of Vacuum Drying Equipment
- Mar 20, 2018 -

1, efficient conventional vacuum drying equipment are used steam heating, need to heat from the outside, heating speed is slow to consume a lot of coal, and microwave vacuum drying equipment is electromagnetic heating, without heat transfer medium, directly heated to the inside of the object, heating speed, high efficiency, drying cycle greatly shortened, energy consumption decreased.

2, heating even as a result of microwave heating, is from the inside to the material at the same time heating, the material's internal and external temperature difference is very small, will not produce conventional heating in the internal and external heating inconsistent situation, resulting in puffed effect, conducive to crushing, so that drying quality greatly improved.

3, easy to control, easy to continuous production and automation, because the microwave power can be quickly adjusted and no inertia characteristics, easy to real-time control, can be 40℃-80℃ between the arbitrary temperature adjustment.

4, the preparation of small size, installation and maintenance is convenient, do not occupy too large venues.

5, good product quality, microwave vacuum drying equipment in the extension of the shelf life of food, preservation of the original flavor and nutrition ingredients, the physiological activities of the preservation of raw materials, enhance the function of health food, improve the value-added of agricultural products and so on. Compared with the conventional methods, the quality of the processed products has been greatly improved.

6, microwave drying equipment with disinfection, sterilization efficacy, product safety and health. Long shelf life.

7. The economic benefits of drying equipment are remarkable.