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Vacuum dryer industry reform needs constant innovation
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Vacuum Dryer is now an important part of factory production, due to its excellent working efficiency and many other advantages, the overall vacuum drying equipment is relatively advanced, wide range of applications, a good market prospect of a drying equipment. Vacuum dryer, low pressure during drying will reduce the oxygen content, can prevent material oxidation, easy to make explosive dangerous goods dry, in the lower temperature of the material in the evaporation of water, can be recycled valuable useful materials and drying of useful ingredients, to prevent toxic and harmful substances in dry, so that dry become green environmental protection. Because of these advantages, vacuum drying is more and more widely used. But at this stage, China's vacuum dryer reform has not been successful, but also need constant innovation. The vacuum drying equipment production Enterprise's innovation ability generally is low, the new product and the new technology are few, the enterprise's independent intellectual property rights also is few, causes the drying technology development to be slow.