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Vacuum dryer
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Vacuum dryer, Vacuum dryer, drying equipment under negative pressure, consists of a shell with vapor jacket and a rake tooth which rotates in the shell body. Rake teeth can be reversed, about every 10~15min reversing once, so that the material is evenly stirred, the surface is constantly updated, gasification of water (or solvents) by the vacuum pump out. The application of vacuum dryer can reduce drying temperature and prevent material decomposition. Widely used in chemical industry pharmaceutical production.

Vacuum drying is the drying material under vacuum conditions for heating drying. It utilizes the vacuum pump to draw the wet, causes the studio to be in the vacuum state, the material drying rate is greatly accelerated, simultaneously also saves the energy. Vacuum drying equipment is divided into static dryers and dynamic dryers. YZG cylindrical, Fzg square vacuum dryer belongs to static vacuum dryer, SZG double cone rotary vacuum dryer belongs to dynamic dryer. When the material is dry in the static dryer, the material is in a stationary state, the body will not be damaged, and the material can be sterilized before drying. The materials in the dynamic dryer drying constantly flipping, drying more evenly, full. In the vacuum state, the boiling point of the material solvent is reduced, so it is suitable for drying unstable or heat sensitive material, and the vacuum dryer has good sealing, so it is suitable for the recovery of solvent and the material containing strong stimulation and poisonous gas. Vacuum drying equipment has been widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical food, dyes and other industries, the air in line with drug management norms, "GMP" requirements.