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Common troubles of hot air blower
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Problem one: Device data viewer does not appear

Treatment method: Industrial hot air heater in the application process, once found that the data display device does not appear or stop the operation, about the operator needs from the above points to clean:

1, the first choice to see whether the hot-air machine switch is intact, open closure is normal, a lot of time hot air machine data display device is not the first because of the equipment switch insensitive, resulting in poor contact with the data presentation, so that the presentation does not appear to show the problem;

2, if the cleaning is not caused by the switch, then the need to find out whether the hot air heater each pipeline is damaged, as long as the pipeline is damaged, it will affect and the normal connection between the parts, the demand so that users to see the equipment on the interface of each pipe is a problem, after viewing to see if the normal operation. Under normal circumstances, the industrial hot air blower display device does not appear is caused by these two factors;

Problem two: The temperature can not be improved

Treatment method: Industrial hot air blower after running for some time, if the present temperature is not improved, most of the time is due to the fuse in the hot air machine is defective, this time demand users to see if the fuse is worn, if the wear is too large, in order not to affect the normal use of hot air, advocating that you or replace it for good.