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Characteristics of circulating hot air machine
- Mar 20, 2018 -

1, hot air machine is mainly selected to use resistance wire heating, using air as hot air source, on the environment will not affect, with environmental characteristics, together can prevent the equipment can be suspended, to ensure the normal use of equipment.

2, the structure of the equipment selection of wind tunnel type, so that the air from the electric wire in, and then reduce the energy consumption of equipment, together with the use of SSR control, to ensure that the equipment reasonable operation. In order to prevent the operation presents the problem, together also equipment protection device, thus the equipment in the operation presents the question, the equipment also not to be harmed.

3, the equipment outlet direction, there is thermoelectric equipment, can direct to the hot air machine control, to ensure that the equipment outlet temperature adhere to the same, to ensure that the temperature adhere to the scope of the rules.

4, the circulation of hot air and other hot air machine, especially raw materials, it uses a safe and reliable raw material manufacturing, to prevent the equipment in the process of running problems, it is also known as explosion-proof hot air machine.

5, explosion-proof hot air machine selection of patent planning, under normal operating conditions, temperature can adhere to about 220 degrees Celsius, together with the air volume of equipment within a certain range, with energy saving and environmental protection characteristics. Therefore, the selection of the equipment can satisfy the needs of practical use.