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Characteristics and principle of rake type vacuum dryer
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Vacuum rake dryer, with simple structure, easy operation, long service cycle, stable and reliable performance, small steam consumption, strong applicability, good product quality, especially suitable for high temperature, flammable, temperature, easy to oxidize the paste-like material drying, the machine by the long-term use of the user has proved to be a good drying equipment. Principle: The dry material from the shell on the founder of the middle joined in the continuous positive and negative rotation of the rake teeth stirred, material to go back and forth, with the shell in contact with the surface constantly updated, by the indirect heating of steam, rake teeth of the uniform stirring, crushing rod crushing, so that the material surface moisture more favorable discharge, gasification of moisture through the dry-type dust collector, Wet filter, condenser, from the vacuum pump outlet.