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Application prospect of hot air circulation oven
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Many for the micro-negative pressure or vacuum form, in the drying process of moisture at low temperature can be vaporized, can achieve low-temperature drying, which for certain drugs, food, and agricultural products in the heat-sensitive material drying is advantageous. For example, the liquid sugar more than 70 ℃ part of the composition will be brown, reduce the product value of the commodity; some catalysts change their chemical properties over the temperature, and the protein changes at elevated temperatures, altering the nutritional composition of the material. In addition, dry at low temperature, the utilization of heat energy is reasonable. Thus reducing production costs, improve product quality, reduce the labor intensity of workers, protect the environment. Therefore, the rake vacuum dryer has been successfully developed in the fields of medicine, chemical industry, dyestuff, pesticide, food and so on. The dried material is added to the center of the shell and is stirred by the rake teeth which are constantly turning forward and backward the material is moved back and forth, and the surface contact with the shell is constantly updated, and it is indirectly heated by steam, and the surface of the material is constantly updated and enlarged to make the water more favorable. , gasification of water and other exhaust gas by dry or wet dust collectors and condensers to remove dust and possible condensate gas, to achieve emission standards of the condensate gas by vacuum pump out of the vent.