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Application of vacuum drying in practical industry
- Mar 20, 2018 -

With the continuous progress and development of microcomputer technology and automatic control technology, computer automatic detection and control technology is introduced in many fields, and the requirement of computer automatic measurement and control system is more and more high, all kinds of flexible configuration software come into being. MCGS (monitor and control generated system, general monitoring systems) is a set of configuration software for rapidly building and generating computer monitoring systems that can be run on Microsoft (various 32-bit Windows platforms). Through the collection and processing of the field data, the paper provides the user with the solution of the practical engineering problem by means of animation display, vacuum drying alarm processing, process control, real-time curve, historical curve and report output, which fully utilizes the features of Windows graphics function complete, good interface consistency and easy learning and easy to use. It is more versatile than the industrial control system developed by special machine in the past, and it has more extensive application in automation field.